5 Best Places in India For Romantic Getaways
Snow-capped mountains or silent backwaters? Here’s are five places where you can plan your next romantic weekend, that too within India, so budget is sorted right there!

1. Shimla


Shimla always comes first to one’s mind when one thinks of snow and romance. This place is a heaven for couples as the area is almost all the time covered in snow. It makes the perfect location with its dreamy hill views.

2. Pondicherry


Pondicherry is the best place to laze around and just relax at the beaches. This place provides a spectacular view of sunrise and sunset. Just leave your worries behind and enjoy the nature.

3. Udaipur


Udaipur is called the Venice of the East. If you love grandeur and royalty, this is the place to go. The city is filled with royal palaces, most of them which you can visit. The crown jewel, however, is the Lake Palace which is located in the middle of a lake providing an astonishing view.

4. Goa


Goa is an exciting world. This place is on the list of every couples’ “Potential Honeymoon Getaways” list. If you like partying and would like to forget the outside the world for a while then do consider going here.

5. Kanyakumari


There’s no Kanyakumari has the best view of sunrise. Watching the sunrise at Kanyakumari’s shore in on the bucket list of most people. You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you?


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