Top 6 types of kisses
Ever wondered what a kiss means? here's your guide to the top 6 types of kisses and what they convey

1. Kiss on the cheek

 Kiss on the cheek

This is a loving and cute way to greet someone you love be it family or friends. 

2. Eskimo Kiss

 Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo kiss is just adorable! It is a light kiss on the tip of the nose, and it shows affection and fondness.

3. Kiss on the forehead

Kiss on the forehead

Now this one is romantic and shows undying love for the ones you love. 

4. Kiss of an angel

  Kiss of an angel

The kiss of an angel shows warmth and how much someone will be missed. It is kissing a person on their eyelids. 

5. Kiss on the lips

 Kiss on the lips

A kiss on the lips conveys that you are interested in the other person and usually is adored when a couple is starting their relationship. 

6. The French Kiss

  The French Kiss

The French kiss involves the use of tongues and is probably the most seen kiss on screens. 


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