21 days lockdown; e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon halt their services temporarily.
Due to the lockdown the non-essential products will not be delivered for the time being by the e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart . .

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic corona virus the government has called for a 21 days lockdown..Just after the declaration of the lockdown  Flipkart has released a notice on the e-commerce firm's website  on wednesday informing people that their service has been suspended  for the time being ,as India began a 21 day lockdown to fight the spread of the corona virus pandemic.

On the other hand Amazon India said that orders of all the non-essential items will be suspended due to the crisis of this situation, and they will prioritize customer's essential needs and provide them with the essential items. In order to focus on the supply of the essential items Amazon has decided to halt the rest not so important items for the time being.

As the Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a complete 21 day lockdown of the country few people started to store food for a couple of days from their nearby shops out of fear which led to the shortage of food items in the shops .It is becoming a disadvantage for those who could not store food previously and due to lack of food items in the shops the shopkeepers are unable to supply their customers with the groceries and food items they ask for, which might end up being in a stage of scarcity of food items.

 In order to avoid this crisis and rescue the people from this situation the e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart have taken a step to take the orders of the essential items and supply them to the customer in order to fulfill the demands and satisfy the critical needs of the people in crisis.


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