After India London claps and cheers for the medical workers, the video got viral
In London all the people came forward to show gratitude and respect to the medical workers by cheering and clapping for them .

On Thursday , all the people across the country showed their love respect and gratitude towards the medial workers and all others who are standing in the front line and protecting their country from the novel corona virus. All the people of UK came to their respective balconies to clap and cheer for the real life heroes.

Millions of people all over the country participated in 'Clap for carers' and showered their love and respect to the medical workers that they deserve. The entire country applauded for the saviors , many of them clanged utensils to shower their love as well.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan posted a video on Twitter which shows a glimpse of the country actively participating in showing gratitude to the medical workers by clapping and cheering for them. After India ,London put a step forward to pour love, respect and gratitude towards the real life heroes of their nation.

Mayor of London ( on Twitter


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