China’s Corona Problem might now be over yet
After the initial outbreak in China, people have given praise to China’s reaction to control; the epidemic. But there is a chance that there might be a second outbreak again.

A Doctor from Beijing in China warned the Chinese government of cases in which people from abroad catch the virus and spread it in the country.

After a battle of over 3 months, the Chinese finally seemed to be on the road to victory for the fight against corona, but this latest speculation is going to make you think otherwise.

Professor Li Lanjuan, a member of Beijing's expert team on the virus, said that she was worried about the chances of there being another outbreak due to the return of Chinese people in other countries.

She made this statement after the first case of the Coronavirus from abroad was reported recently. 

She also warned the government to not take things lightly and the citizens to still maintain caution. Li also requested the government to track down any individuals who might’ve been affected with the virus but still haven’t tested positive.

As of now China has 81,171 cases out of whom 73,159 have recovered and 3,277 people have succumbed to the virus

Professor Li after repeated use of the masks

Professor Li after repeated use of the masks


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