corona virus; government turns the five star hotels into quarantine zones
Government takes over the five star hotels like Hyatt, Marriot and others and converting them into quarantine zones for the medical staffs.

Uttar Pradesh government took over few five-star hotels in Lucknow to make it a utility zone for the doctors, medical workers and other staffs who are fighting against the corona virus from the front line.The hotel which are used as the qurantine zones are Hyatt Regency,  lemon tree, the Piccadily and Fair field by Mariott. The doctors and medical staff who come in the direct contact with the corona virus patients will be staying there in the quarantine zone of the five- star hotels.

Uttar Pradesh has so far recovered 65 corona virus cases in the state. The state government of Uttar Pradesh has also decided that the people who are returning to the state from other states shall be kept quarantined in those particular five-star hotels or dharmashalas and won't be allowed to get back to their respective houses until and unless they are confirmed with a negative test report of COVID-19.


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