Coronavirus outbreak; Ronaldo and Mendes stretch their hands of help by donating in Portugal
Footballer Ronaldo and Mendes donated USD 1.08 m for the patients in Portugal hospitals fighting against the pandemic Corona virus.

Footballer Ronaldo and Mendes will donate equipments for two wards at Lisbon's Santa Maria hospital. It has been known that Mendes has given 200,000 protective gowns and 1,000 masks to Sao Joao hospital. On the other hand Lionel Messi and Pep Guardoila have also donated in hospitals for the people fighting against COVID-19.

Life saving equipment have been provided to different hospitals of Portugal. The footballers Cristano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes have tried their best to help the hospitals and patients of Corona Virus. All the patients of Portugal hospitals will be treated with the equipment provided by the footballers.

The two footballers will donate equipment for two wards at Lisbon's Santa Maria hospitals , they will provide the wards with 10 beds each, ventilators , heart monitors, infusion pumps and syringes, the hospital mentioned in a statement.

"we want to thank Ronaldo and Mendes for the initiative, which is so useful at the time the country needs everyone so much," President of Santa Antonio's administrative council , Paulo Barbosa gave this statement and showed his gratitude towards the footballers. 


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