Order Blood Online by e-bloodservices app
The Health Ministry and Indian Red Cross have merged together and launched an online booking app of the blood. This app will supply blood in DELHI-NCR for now. The app ranges will be expanded in future.

Harsh Vardhan and Red Cross have launched an app named blood services app. This app will supply blood in the DELHI-NCR region for now. This app will allow the needles to order the blood via this blood. This app is mainly functioning in Delhi, but soon will be available in other states also. 

Initially, only 4 units are available at a time. Collectors will have to undergo certain formalities before taking blood. Through this app, the availability of blood will be there in your phones. Once the order is placed, the blood bank will functional it for 12 hours. 

Harsh Vardhan stated, " This is a useful app and there are plans to expand its area in future". Various authorised blood banks are in contact with it and it is said that there might be some problem in the starting but later on, it will function efficiently. 


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