US Tops The List In Maximum Cases Of Coronavirus
US has overtaken China and is now on the top of the list to have maximum cases of coronavirus in the World.

 US has now most no. of confirmed cases in the country than any other. Almost every nation is affected by this virus and the US has topped in it. 85,500 positive cases have been confirmed in the US. China is second in the list with 81,700 cases and Italy has 80,600 positive cases. Currently, 5,31,700 Coronavirus Cases are there all over the World. While 24,000 Coronavirus patients deaths are recorded. Around 1,22,200 patients have recovered globally. The US has also imposed lockdown and is now in self-isolation. 

Over 16,000 cases were confirmed in the US in a day. It was reported a week before that there were 8000 confirmed cases. But in just a span of the week, it has reached to 10 times. 


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