10 Bollywood Songs That Describe 10 Types Of Girls
10 Bollywood Songs That Describe 10 Types Of Girls
Bollywood and music go hand in hand. There are many gems out there in the Hindi film industry that we all love listening to. Here are 10 different songs from Bollywood that describe 10 different types of girls.

1. Jiya Re

Jiya Re

Jiya Re is a song from the movie Jab tak hai Jaan starring Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma. This song accurately describes Tomboyish kind of girls who love to live their lives on their own terms and do not give a care about what the world thinks.

2. Drama Queen

Drama Queen

This is from the movie Hasee Toh Phasee, and the name says it all. This is for all the queens for whom drama is a part of life. They cannot do anything without adding a pinch of drama to it.

3. Gulabi Aankhen (SOTY Version)

Gulabi Aankhen (SOTY Version)

This is the introductory song of Alia Bhatt in the movie Student of the year. This song is for those girls who are everything fashion. If you know a Miss Fashionista, then this song would perfectly suit her.

4. Aali re

Aali re

We all know at least one woman in our lives who is an absolute badass. They do not put themselves down, they have immense self-respect and they are not dependent on anyone. This song describes all those women who do not play the victim and cannot go by the rules of someone else’s instruction manual of how to live life.

5. Challiya


This is a seductive Kareena Kapoor song from the movie Tashan. Kareena absolutely slays as a playgirl in this movie. These kinds of girls are charming, they are beautiful and they are attractive. They easily pull us into their traps and play with everyone. They are never satisfied with their partners and they always keep looking for new partners.

6. Masakali


These are the carefree ones. They really do not bother and burden themselves with other people’s expectations. They are happy with their own simple and peaceful life and have fun in their own small world.

7. O Womaniya

O Womaniya

This song describes all the fierce feminists. They are always concerned about women’s issues and stand up against the discrimination based on gender. They stand up for other women cannot stand inequality against women.

8. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

This is for all the nerds out there. They are the ones that wander among the aisles of the library. They can tolerate anything except failing in academics. They have zero interest towards love and relationships.

9. Pataka Guddi

Pataka Guddi

This is an Alia Bhatt song. This song shows the free wanderer girl. Girls who like adventures and would want to get lost in nature. They love to travel and do not focus on looks much. Anytime there is a plan for an outing, they are the happiest ones in the room.

10. Party on my mind

Party on my mind

This is a Deepika Padukone song. This is for the party animals. They just love  going to the pubs, drinking and dancing to amazing music. 

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