5 Games That You Can Play On Whatsapp
5 Games That You Can Play On Whatsapp
Has your Whatsapp become the source of all boring good morning and good night texts and images? Then here are five games that you can play on Whatsapp with your friends.

1. Antakshari


Who told that Antakshari is a game that can be played only while you are physically present? You can play antakshari on Whatsapp too. Here, instead of singing the song you just type the song. This game is best played when you are playing it in group chats. This game can become even more fun if you can make your friends sing and send the recording to you.

2. Copycat


Copycat is a game that when played right will make you go ROFL. You will just start laughing out loud. In this game, you exchange characters with one of the group members, you start acting like them and texting like them. You can use their mostly used words or mostly used line and try to behave like them in the group chat. This game is fun when played with your office colleagues Whatsapp group. Try and stay in the character for as long as possible in this game.

3. Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

This game is for all those people who want to play it with their close friends in the personal chat. You just start this game by saying something random and the other person has to reply with whatever comes to their minds first. And then you reply with whatever came to your mind when you saw their reply. This way you can keep going and sometimes you might even get some shocking replies. Try this and see if you can discover some unique and secretive things about your close ones.

4. Truth Or Situation

 Truth Or Situation

Truth or situation is a makeshift game of truth and dare. Since you cannot perform dares here, we have replaced it with situation. The group member who has been chosen should select one between Truth or situation. If they pick truth then they have to answer truly to question and if they pick situation they have to come up with what they will do during a dilemma situation. This game is everything creative. You can come up with the most creative questions and situations. You can force the other person to tell the truth in front of everyone in the group. 

5. Emotional Atyachaar

 Emotional Atyachaar

This is a fun game that is specific to Whatsapp. Whatsapp, as we all know is a source of emojis and it has all kinds of emojis present in the emoji bar. You can play this game by either choosing a topic or just be random about it. What you have to do is to try to express a message, a sentence or a movie name or anything for that matter in the form of emojis. The other member has to guess what you are trying to say. This will make up for an amazing timepass game with all the wild guesses that your friends would make.

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