5 Untold Facts Of "Darling" Who Turns 38 Today!
5 Untold Facts Of "Darling" Who Turns 38 Today!
Prabhas Uppalapati, the predominant South Industry heartthrob is celebrating his birthday today. He is called as "Darling" by his fans.

Here's the 5 untold facts of "Bahubali". Wishing Prabhas a Happy Birthday!

1. Wax Statue

Wax Statue

Prabhas is the first South Indian Star to get Wax Statue in Madame Tussaud's, Bangkok.

2. 6000 Marriage proposals

6000 Marriage proposals

Prabhas got the huge fan base even before Magnum Opus "Bahubali".  After the Success of Bahubali Prabhas received nearly 6,000 Marriage Proposals and surprisingly, he rejected all of the proposals due to the movie commitment.

3. Trained Dancer

Trained Dancer

Prabhas learned dancing under the Tollywood choreographer "Shekar Master" .

4. Dr.Satyanand Acting Institute

Dr.Satyanand Acting Institute

Prabhas before stepping into the film industry, he was trained in "StarMaker-Film Institute" in Vishakhapatnam by Dr. Satyanand who trained around 61 star heroes including Tamil actor 'Jayam' Ravi.

5. Accidental into Acting

Accidental into Acting

The Bahubali never thought of becoming an Actor instead wants to be a Hotelier.

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