5 Websites to create Free Logo for your Business
5  Websites to create Free Logo for your Business
Any online or offline business, company, organization, you name it requires a logo, more particularly, is recognized by its logo. A logo of the company is the first thing that anyone notices about your company, and sometimes it may speak everything about your company. Getting a logo done can sometimes be very costly, and if you are starting your business in the market, you probably won’t be able to afford it. Here is a list of 5 best online websites that will help you make logos for free.

1. Canva


Canva.com is the best online website that offers a wide range of features that will help you create your logo. They have various templates, both free and pain, you can choose from. The website also lets you modify the design or templates and add texts, your graphics to it. The website is excellent for preparing logos, flyers, business cards, social media images, invitations and much more. After you are done creating your logo with their inbuilt designs, or by adding your elements to it, you can download the image and save to your computer in JPG, PDF or PNG format. Apart from those mentioned above, you can also use Canva to create letterheads with your company’s watermark on it. https://www.canva.com/ 

2. Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services

Similar to Canva, Free Logo Services also comes with various templates and designs for you to choose from. Additionally, the website offers you to save your creations in the cloud. If you are a bit lost about how to go about this site, start by choosing your industry and enter the text. You have a wide range of options such as badge, icon, initial or logos with plain text. Once you filter out your choices, scroll through the page to see if anything fits your idea and save that image once you find it. If you want to modify the photos, you can do so by changing color, font, size and icon layout that would best suit your brand. Apart from logos, you can also make your business cards using freelogoservices.com.  https://www.freelogoservices.com/

3. Shopify Online Logo Maker

Shopify Online Logo Maker

Shopify is a perfect logo-creating tool for beginners or people who are just starting with their business. Along with making logos, this website will also help you make your official websites. There is an array of choices available for you to choose from for your logo. However, the site does not allow you to make changes to the logo; therefore, that puts you at risk of sharing the same logo with some other brand without your knowledge. https://www.shopify.in/tools/logo-maker

4. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design

This is a straightforward and simple logo designing tool to work with. Upon visiting their homepage, you will have to enter the name of your company and choose the category among 20 different ones which will display a lot of templates for you to decide from. After selecting a template, make custom edits such as changing color, font style, size or modifying other specifications or simply let it be. You can get a high-resolution image of your logo as a paid service. http://www.freelogodesign.org/

5. Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs

Similar to all the other websites offering free logo-making, Graphic Springs does the same for you with its wide collection of templates and designs. Create your logo with the help of their designs, filter your choices or choose from trending or popular templates. You have an option to experiment your design with different shapes and symbols available on their page. Though the application is free to use, you will be charged if you want to download or save the image to your computer. https://www.graphicsprings.com/

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