Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Bloggers-2018
Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Bloggers-2018
Unlike food blogs, photography blogs and other niche blogs that only focus on a particular category, lifestyle blogs are those that are a mix of all things related to urban living. From beauty to health to travel, it includes everything. Upgrade your life, step up your fashion game, rejuvenate yourself by visiting places, keep your health in check with tips and suggestions from few of the best bloggers. Here is a list of blogs that made their way into the top ten of the country.

1. Verve Magazine

Verve Magazine

Started in 1995 by Anuradha Mahindra, Verve Magazine -India's Premier Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, the best lifestyle blogger of India. They are India's first and only home-grown women's luxury lifestyle blog. They mainly focus on Arts&Culture, People, Fashion, Style, Beauty, Travel & Food.

2. Stylish By Nature

Stylish By Nature

Founded by Shalini Chopra, is one of the best lifestyle bloggers of India. Got featured in many International Magazines like NewYork Times, Ranked as Top Indian Fashion Blogger for last years. Stylish By Nature is for all like-minded people and for those who believe that Style is an essential part as breathing.


Started by Naina Redhu, is an International Luxury and Lifestyle photographer located out of India. Launched in 2010 and became the luxury blog where International brands feature their products for Indians. is best known for their photography, as they combine this photography with brand's Idea which makes the Brand reach more audience. 

4. Gia says that

Gia says that

Founded by Gia Kashyap, Gia Says that, this is one among the best lifestyle bloggers for the year 2018. A fashion enthusiast from childhood, Gia Kashyap, started her blog at the age of 21. The blog features about Beauty, style, Fashion and many more.

5. Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu

Started by Akanksha Redhu, this is one of the best blogs one can follow. Started in 2010, it covers some of the interesting topics like fashion&lifestyle, beauty, events, travel, media, and shop. Upgrade your style statement with her unique designers, collections, jewelry, and trends. One can have a complete Idea of her lifestyle, shop goodies like what she wears exactly because she puts that everything in her blog.

6. Urban Dairies

Urban Dairies

Urban Dairies, started by Tanya Dhar, is one of the best lifestyle blogs you will come across. The blog covers everything from Urban Living to Urban Style along with travel, wellness, and gourmet categories. You can even find tips if you are planning to start a blog of your own or already have one running and are looking for inspirations and ideas. Tanya has worked with all the popular clothing brands, resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

7. Magali Vaz

Magali Vaz, started by Magali Vaz, is one of the best lifestyle blogs you will come across. The blog covers everything about style and fashion along with beauty, travel, tech, food, and lifestyle. Apart from this blog, she also has a YouTube channel where she will be sharing some of the same topics fashion lookbooks, makeup tutorials, travel vlogs, among the others. One can also follow her lifestyle by checking her vlogs where she will be sharing her daily life at her residence.

8. Lofty Spectrums

Lofty Spectrums

Lofty Spectrums, founded by Anuja Pandey &Aashish Dubey, is one of the best lifestyle blogs one can follow. The blog covers a wide variety of topics like travel&staycation, wellness&beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Featured in all leading magazines and newspapers proves them one of the best blogs.

9. The Style Edge

The Style Edge

The Style Edge, started by Santoshi Shetty, in 2014, is one among the best lifestyle blogs if you are searching for something interesting and new lifestyle. As an architecture student, dealing with spaces, trends, colors, and patterns, one can understand how interesting her lifestyle is and if you are one looking for such cool things it is a must follow one. Apart from this she also received some of the best awards like Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016, Elle Blogger of the year 2016 & Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017.

10. ChicLifeByte


ChicLifeByte that goes with the tagline Fashion. Lifestyle, Food, is a go-to blog for all your questions about what, how and when to dress, where to eat, how to live. The blog serves you with all the latest trends, happenings, upcomings and keeps you up-to-date about the fashion news. From beauty to food to travel to lifestyle, they got answers to all your questions. 

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