Top 5 Scientific Ways for the End of the World
Top 5 Scientific Ways for the End of the World
We have heard a lot of news, rumours and facts about the end of the world. There are few movies even predicting the end of the world.

But what is the reason behind it? It is definite that the world is going to end some day or the other. But the time and date are known to none. There were many theories by experts and scientists predicting the ways that the world could probably end, but none of them turned out to be true. Keeping all those in our minds, we have lined up the possible scientific ways for the world or human race to come to an end.

Nuclear War

One of the most practical way for the world or human race to come to an end is Nuclear war. We have already seen the effect of nuclear war previously in Hiroshima and Nagasaki which were utterly destroyed. If a hardcore atomic war is likely to break out in the world, it would be terrific as most of the people would die of the blast while the remaining would die of the radiations exposed.

Colossal Asteroid

Asteroids are the most discussed topic by the astrologists and scientists for decades. According to the scientists, there are over one million chances of any giant asteroids falling on the surface of the planet in the coming years. It previously happened in the past when a massive asteroid hit the earth and ended up the dinosaur’s life kind. When an asteroid hit the Earth, it affects similar to the nuclear blast.

Black Hole

The Blackhole is a region in space that exhibits a strong gravitational force that not even electromagnetic radiations and particles such as light cannot escape from it. It has a capacity of swallowing up the earth, but the process would take a few centuries to occur. Due to many reasons scientist says the chances of the destruction of Earth due to the black hole are very less.


A gigantic supervolcano eruption, like an asteroid impact, would spread enough tiny particles into the atmosphere which is sufficient to block out the sun, destroying the entire life on the planet. As said by a NASA engineer, the supervolcano is way more dreadful than any asteroid or comet hitting the Earth. The scientists from NASA are testing the ways that could prevent the eruption of any volcano present on the earth.

Robotic Invasion

Human intelligence started creating artificial intelligence which is way more dreadful than we might even think. As seen in the film Robo by Tamil director Shankar, Artificial intelligence would one day take over human information which would end up destroying the humankind. Elon Musk and Bill gates have expressed their concerns regarding this issue saying that the robots will one day start world war 3 to destruct the world.

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