5 Things To Boost Your Immune During Covid-19 Pandemic
5 Things To Boost Your Immune During Covid-19 Pandemic
The corona virus is a horror to all of us. Staying healthy during this pandemic is a must. So here are some ways to keep your immune healthy to minimize the chances of getting infected.

5 Things To Boost Your Immune During Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus is a communicable virus, i.e. it passes from one person to another through physical/tangible contact. After getting in contact with our skin, it travels further inside through areas like eyes, nose, mouth, etc. It harms us by attacking our immune system and weakening the red blood cells that are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout our body. Thus, the capacity to fight back with the foreign particles in the body gets stalled, strengthening the chemical reaction of the virus.

Fun fact: if you aren’t infected, thinking you never had contact with the virus in the first place is wrong. You weren’t affected by it as your immune system is strong. This is why senior adults are more infected than the youth.

COVID-19 Statistics

The entire population of India is 130 crores. Out of that 78% reside in the rural areas. They have a high intake of pure/organic food resulting to a much more healthy diet and stronger immune. Whereas the people living in the luxury of city and fast food restaurants are subjected to a high intake of junk or intoxicated food.

The statistic in the last 120 days proved that around 97% of the COVID patients are from the urban area, with low immune. Hence if you have a strong immune, you can beat the virus.

How To Boost Your Immune?

You can easily boost your immune by enhancing your regular diet with the following items – 

Vitamin C: If you consume an orange on a daily basis, the virus will fail to weaken your immune. Oranges might be a little expensive so for an alternative, you can consume two full lemons with any sort of drink.

Vitamin D: There are plenty of health supplements available in the market. Even these are expensive so as an alternative, take direct sunlight before 11 am in the morning for just 15 minutes. The sunlight is the most natural and economical source of Vitamin D. 

Water:  Consume 2-3 litres of water daily. It will help your body to function energetically. Water promotes the anti-chemical reaction of the coronavirus.

Karha:  It is an Indian homemade medicinal drink that most of you are familiar with since childhood. It is best known for increasing immune and hence can be a useful shield against corona. 

Take 2-3 cups of water and add ginger, black pepper, turmeric, tulsi leaves and cinnamon. Boil this drink till it turns reddish-brown. Cool it down before consuming. If you drink this karha daily at least 2-3 times, it is guaranteed to boost your immune on a massive level! As a result, it will eliminate all possible risks against the virus.

To sum it up, you need to consume vitamin C, Vitamin D, Water, and Karha on a daily basis to be able to boost your immune system and strengthen red blood cells. Your body will then be strong enough to be able to fight the foreign corona particles.

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