A woman who urinates alcohol
A woman who urinates alcohol
Furthermore, the patient did not show any signs of alcohol intoxication but her urine shows high signs of ethanol content.

A woman of Pittsburgh has been reported as the first case of a person urinating alcohol. It is an unusual medical condition where alcohol is naturally brewed in the bladder due to the fermented of yeast.

The 61 year old is suffering from a new case called bladder fermentation syndrome or urinary auto brewery syndrome. The woman visited a hospital as she was already a sufferer of damaged liver and diabetes. She visited the hospital for her liver transplant waitlist when she encountered the new syndrome 

"Initially, our encounters were similar, leading our clinicians to believe that she was hiding an alcohol use disorder, However, we noted that plasma test results for ethanol and urine test results for ethyl glucuronide and ethyl sulfate, which are the metabolites of ethanol, were negative, whereas urine test results for ethanol were positive." Said her doctors.

 It was another surprise when high levels of glucose and budding yeast were found in her urine. 

"These findings led us to test whether yeast colonising in the bladder could ferment sugar to produce ethanol," the researchers told

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