Albert Einstein’s Brain was Stolen
Albert Einstein’s Brain was Stolen
After Albert Einstein died on April 18th, 1955 his brain was taken stolen for research

Albert Einstein was considered to be one of the smartest brains of the 20th century. He is a Nobel award-winning physicist so Many wondered what was special about his brain that made him such a great thinker. 

Einstein specifically said that he didn’t want his body or brains to be used for research purposes. He gave out instructions before his death that he wanted his body to be cremated and his remains are spread secretly.

After his death, Einstein’s autopsy was conducted in the lab of one Thomas Stoltz Harvey. 

Harvey removed the brain and weighed it. It was around 1230g.  He reluctantly made Einstein’s son agree to the research on his brain. He then chopped up the brain into tiny pieces and sent it to researchers around the world to conduct tests on the brain. 

In the end, all the tests just pointed to the fact that Albert Einstein had a brain that was similar to the rest of us and Harvey’s license was eventually taken away.

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