Amit Shah Targets Congress Dynasty: The 4G Twist from Nehru to Indira Gandhi
Amit Shah Targets Congress Dynasty: The 4G Twist from Nehru to Indira Gandhi
Amit Shah, addressing a rally, criticized Owaisi for bigotry, promising to end the 4% Muslim quota in Telangana as part of BJP's policy against reservation based on religion.

In a recent political rally, Home Minister Amit Shah launched a pointed attack on the Congress party, taking a jibe at the perennial issue of dynastic politics with a modern '4G' twist. He named icons of the Congress party dynasty—Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi—suggesting that the leadership patterns in the party have not changed over generations. Shah's comments underscore a longstanding criticism of the Congress party's leadership dynamics.

Expanding his critique beyond the Congress, Shah turned his attention to Asaduddin Owaisi and his party, accusing them of engaging in appeasement politics. In a striking declaration amid his speech, Amit Shah emphatically vowed that if his party were to come into power in Telangana, they would abolish the 4 percent reservation extended to the Muslim community, framing it as a promise to establish an equal playing field for all, free from community-specific reservations that his party deems as appeasement. This statement triggered immediate ripples across the political spectrum, with opponents and supporters of the BJP responding to Shah's audacious commitment.

Such statements come at a time when elections loom on the horizon, with political rhetoric intensifying. Shah's '4G' jibe at Congress and the bold promises concerning reservations in Telangana have added fuel to an already heated pre-election period, signalling robust campaigning and hardline stances in the days to come.

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