BTS V becomes the most handsome man of 2021
BTS V becomes the most handsome man of 2021
Leaving behind many superstars Hritik Roshan, Brad Pitt, and Robert Pettinson, BTS V becomes the most handsome man of 2021. For the second time in a row, BTS V has become the world's most handsome man.

Do you know who is the most handsome man of 2021? Are they Hritik Roshan? Robert Pettinspn? Brad Pitt? No,  it is BTS V who has become the most handsome guy of 2021. He is the crush of many Indians. Indians are big admirers of BTS V. 

BTS V's real name is Kim Tae-Hyung, but he is known by V worldwide. He belongs to the biggest brand across the world, 'BTS.' He is a great vocalist in the BTS brand along with an actor and songwriter. Because of his looks and fashion, he is famous around the world.

His debut was with BTS in June 2013. He was just 18 years old at the time of his debut. After this, he was more in the news for both of his looks, charming and voice, along with singing. He never hides his smartness by showing his shy nature. Even he explores his handsomeness more by acquiring fashionable outfits. 

He became the world's most handsome man of 2021, according to one of the surveys conducted by He secured the first rank after the conclusion of this survey on He left behind some big names who were also more handsome, such as Hritik Roshan, Tom Cruise, Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, Henry Cavill, and many more. 

It has become common for him because, in 2020, he topped even this survey. He is also the winner of the World's most handsome man of 2020. He is famous in both Bollywood and Hollywood. His outfits attract many of his fans. He collects several appreciations daily. 

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