A chemical plant in Spain exploded killing three people.

A chemical plant that produces ethylene oxide and propylene oxide exploded in La Canonja, which killed a man 3 kilometres ( 2 miles ) away. 

A man named Sergio, was in his apartment when a large ball of fire struck the exterior of his apartment, the investigators say that it was a metal sheet from the plant which weighed about 1 ton that caused the building to collapse. The explosion occurred at about 17:40 GMT on 14th of January 2020. The citizens were advised to stay indoors when the plant set of a huge fire. Authorities says it was probably caused by some chemical explosion but no harmful chemicals were released. Dozens of firefighters worked throughout the night to get off the fire. The chemical tanks were continuously sprayed with water to keep the chemical in them cool.

Apart from Sergio , 2 other people were killed, 1 worker of the plant died immediately and other died the next day due to injuries. 


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