Curiosity Rover Completes 6 Years On Mars
Curiosity Rover Completes 6 Years On Mars
NASA’s Curiosity rover which landed on Mars planet in 2012 has now completed six years on the red planet.

NASA’s Curiosity rover is currently celebrating its sixth anniversary on Mars in the middle of a storm. Curiosity Rover was designed to find out whether Mars has any traces of environment or life on it. It’s main mission to finding out the planet ‘habitability’. Curiosity Rover is currently stuck in a dust storm that went global on June 20th this year. Many of the NASA’s spacecraft are studying the dust storm on the planet from above, but the main advantage of Curiosity rover is its perspective. It gets to study the dust particles properties by the way they act under different rays of light. NASA has lost contact with one of its another rover Opportunity due to this dust storm. NASA’s scientists based on the storm that occurred in the year 2001, had calculated that it might be September before Opportunity rover powers up and got back in contact with Earth. Here’s wishing Curiosity Rover its sixth anniversary on the planet and hope that it brings exciting news about the giant red planet and its environment.

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