The mysterious Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) have been detected in the deep space recently by Australian researches that might help us understand the universe and its galaxies.

Fast Radio Bursts also knows widely as FRBs were first detected by researches back in 2007. Since then, there were around 20 such detections including the recent one. FRBs were recently detected in the deep space by Australian researchers. However, their exact cause is still unknown and continues to baffle scientists and physicists alike.  Scientists only have guesses as to what might be the reason for the occurrence of such radio waves.  

FRBs are basically a small emission of radio light but carry an intensity and energy that the Sun could take over a hundred years to produce. The study of FRB is now lead by Ryan Shannon and his team who are trying to figure out how and what exactly is causing these bursts. Dr. Jean-Pierre Macquart, a co-author of this study has stated that FRBs travel for billions of years and sometimes also pass through clouds of gas. 

One of the theories is that the radio waves might have taken place hundreds of light years ago due to collapsion of stars or they moving closer to the black hole. Although these events might have taken place in those light years, we are able to detect them from Earth due to their energy reaching our planet. 


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