Bus services will be starting from Delhi to London and vice versa very soon. Per person, the cost is around 15 lakh. The bus will cover around 18 countries.

Get ready to experience one of the longest and amazing journeys from Delhi to London via bus. A Travel company has announced that they will be running a bus from Delhi to London very soon. The bus is estimated to be on the track by 2021, it will cover 18 countries that include Thailand, Myanmar, Germany, Belgium and many others. The bus will cover a distance of around 70,000 km in 70days. The company has stated that the cost per person is around 15lakh, inclusive of hotel stays, meals, local guidance, border crossing assistance. 

Amazing journey for the visitors and an amazing initiative by the travel country to explore the way by bus. The bus will include the facilities like sightseeing for the participants that includes a 2-night stay on the fixed destinations. This service is hopping-on, hop-off services. Means that it's not necessary to travel way to London. The traveller may wish to onboard on any station as per their choice. 

The services will be starting in May 2021. The fixed date and schedule are yet to be released. 


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