Haryana Declares the Covid an Epidemic
Haryana Declares the Covid an Epidemic
After the WHO recently declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic, the Haryana govt declares it an Epidemic

What is the difference between a Pandemic and an Epidemic?

An endemic is when there is a sudden increase in the area of disease. A pandemic is when the disease spreads to many countries. 

The Haryana government has declared the coronavirus to be an epidemic. According to the notification sent by the Health Department on March 11, the Haryana Gorverner has issued certain regulations to control the spread of the virus within the state. 

There have been over 73 cases of the virus in India. The state will now enforce a compulsory quarantine of 14 days for people who have been outside the country. As of now, 1578 people have been placed under observation for nCov. 

Around the world, over 127,833 people have been infected and 4,717 have been killed by the virus

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