Himachal Government: New Portfolios Assigned to Cabinet Ministers
Himachal Government: New Portfolios Assigned to Cabinet Ministers
After a month, Himachal Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla allotted portfolios to Ministers Rajesh Dharmani and Yadvinder Goma, notifying their responsibilities.
time MLA from Ghumarwin, Dharmani has been given the charge of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, while Goma, a two-time MLA from Jaisinghpur, has been assigned the portfolio of Urban Development, Town & Country Planning, and Housing.

In a recent development within Himachal Pradesh's political sphere, two newly inducted Cabinet Ministers have officially been assigned their portfolios. The notification issued by Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla marked a significant advancement in the state's administration.

Rajesh Dharmani's Responsibilities

Rajesh Dharmani, a seasoned legislator with three terms under his belt, will now helm the Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs department. This role comes with substantial responsibilities, especially in maintaining the equilibrium between consumer interests and market dynamics.

Yadvinder Goma's Portfolio

On the other side, Yadvinder Goma, known for his two consecutive wins in Jaisinghpur, has been given the complex portfolio of Urban Development, Town & Country Planning, and Housing. His tasks involve steering the state towards sustainable urban growth and ensuring adequate housing facilities align with the evolving urban landscapes.

The allocation of these portfolios comes after a substantial wait of nearly a month since the ministers' induction into the cabinet. The delay had been a subject of speculation among political circles, highlighting the intricate dynamics within the government's decision-making process.

This development is expected to lead to a spurt in activity within the assigned departments, as the ministers take charge of their respective roles and drive forward the state's agenda on their fronts.

As the state moves ahead with its administrative agenda, the newly assigned ministers are set to carve their path in Himachal Pradesh’s political narrative, bringing their experience and vision into play.

Looking Forward

The citizens and various stakeholders anticipate the impact these changes will bring about. With these strategic portfolios now under the expertise of the appointed ministers, Himachal Pradesh looks forward to progressive policies and efficient governance.

Stay tuned for more updates on how these ministerial roles unfold and shape the future of Himachal Pradesh.

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