Israel Military Uncovers 55-Meter Tunnel Below Gaza Hospital | Breaking News
Israel Military Uncovers 55-Meter Tunnel Below Gaza Hospital | Breaking News
Israeli military claims discovery of a 55-meter tunnel beneath Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital; Hamas and hospital officials refute allegations of the hospital being utilized as a military base.

Israeli Army Discovers Tunnel Beneath Gaza Hospital

In a recent development that adds complexity to the uneasy situation between Israel and Gaza, the Israeli military has announced the discovery of a 55-metre tunnel located under the premises of Al-Shifa Hospital. This finding has spurred new allegations that Hamas utilizes the hospital as a cover for military operations, a charge that both Gaza's Hamas rulers and medical staff at Al-Shifa deny vehemently.

Al-Shifa, Gaza's largest hospital, has often been mentioned in the ongoing conflict, but this is the first time it has been linked to such significant military infrastructure. The Israeli army, presenting this discovery as a breach of international laws that protect medical facilities during war, has yet to release detailed findings or evidence to support their claims.

On the other side, hospital officials and Gaza's health ministry have categorically refuted the allegations, arguing that their medical mission and the safety of their patients is being compromised by what they describe as unfounded accusations.

"These accusations are an attempt to justify military actions against medical establishments," a spokesperson for the hospital stated.

The international community has urged for restraint and verification of facts considering the grave implications such an allegation might have on the already tense situation in the region. Human rights organizations have called upon an independent investigation to ascertain the truth.

Meanwhile, the residents of Gaza fear that this incident could lead to further escalations in military actions, jeopardizing not only the fragile healthcare system but also the lives of thousands who rely on the Al-Shifa hospital for medical care.


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