Laugh out loud with these funny quotes
Laugh out loud with these funny quotes
Laughter is good for health so why don't we start now?

1. I am an odd combination of “really sweet” and “don’t mess with me”.

2. People say nothing is impossible. But I do nothing everyday.

3. Finally realised that people are prisoners of their phones, that’s why it’s called “cell” phones.

4. Your secrets are safe with me… I wasn’t even listening.

5. Never take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive.

6. Fuelled by sarcasm and inappropriate thoughts.

7. Life is short , smile till you still have teeth.

8. I will not be impressed with technology until I can’t download food.

9. There’s no secret about success. Do you know a successful man who didn’t tell you about it.

10. Angry people who can’t take a joke don’t know how hilarious they are to those who can.

11. Life is not a fairy tale, if you lose one of your shoe at midnight, then you are definitely drunk.

And last but not the least.

12. Nothing is lost until your mom can’t find it.

An enthusiastic writer is all that describes me.

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