Manmohan Singh Made A Funny Comment On Government And RBI
Manmohan Singh Made A Funny Comment On Government And RBI
Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Made A Comment On Government And Rbi That They Are Like Husband And Wife. And There Will Be Many Up And Downs And Have Different Opinions, But As They Come Up With Unity Within Them Said Manmohan Singh In The Launching Of His Book, “Changing India.”

Manmohan Singh New Book “Changing India” In This Book, It Contains His Life As A Policymaker And Economist. It Has Five Volumes And Has A Brief About The Prime Minister Perspective On A Wide Range Of Economic, Political, And Social. And How The Social And Political Career Influenced His Political Career. And Also Disused About His Academia During The 1950s And His Tenure As The Prime Minister Was From 2004-2014. He Was Not Only A Prime Minister But Also Was A Finance Minister. 

Manmohan Singh Talks About The Matter Were He Was Criticized By PM Narendra Modi That He Is A Silent Minister. He Says That This Book Tells About Him Whether He Is Silent Or Not, And He Said That He Was Not That PM Who Was Afraid Of Media. He Uses To Meet Media In His Tenure Regularly.

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