Marriage plot twist in Gujrat
Marriage plot twist in Gujrat
Groom's Father and bride's mother eloped 10 days ago, suspected to share a relationship.

There’s been a great plot twist at the marriage of a gujrati couple who have been engaged for above an year now. The disgraceful yet astonishing event had brought the entire family to great shame. 

At the sacred occasion of a much awaited wedding, the groom’s Father and the bride's mother was found missing. It’s been about 12 days now on 22.01.2020. According to an acquaintance, both the groom’s Father,48 and bride's mother, 46 were childhood friends and might have eloped together. Also they were suspected to be in a relationship even after their current marriage. According to TOI the groom’s father left the house on 10th of January and same did the bride's mother.

However the elopement of the duo had brought the family disgrace.

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