Nasiruddin Shah states Anupam Kher as clown
Nasiruddin Shah states Anupam Kher as clown
When whole India is fighting for and against CAA, our renowned film artists have their own fights going on.

Losing the dignity of language, Nasiruddin Shah comments on Anupam Kher, comparing him to a clown or to be more specific, calling him a clown and also shared his views on social media platforms.

According to TOI Nasiruddin Shah mentioned in his statement, "I am not on Twitter. These people, the Twitterati, and I really wish they would make up their minds in what they believe in. Someone like Anupam Kher has been very vocal. I don't think, he needs to be taken seriously, he is a Clown , any number of his contemporaries from NSD, NFTII can test to his psychopathic nature, it is in his blood, he can't help it. The others who are opposing it should really decide about what they want to say and don't remind us of our responsibilities, we known our responsibilities."

Anupam Kher replies: ''जनाब नसीरुदिन शाह साब के लिए मेरा प्यार भरा पैग़ाम!!! वो मुझसे बड़े है। उम्र में भी और तजुर्बे में भी। मै हमेशा से उनकी कला की इज़्ज़त करता आया हूँ और करता रहूँगा। पर कभी कभी कुछ बातों का दो टूक जवाब देना बहुत ज़रूरी होता। ये है मेरा जवाब।''.

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