Nearly 60 dead in Amritsar Train Tragedy
Nearly 60 dead in Amritsar Train Tragedy
A train accident took place in Amritsar during Dussehra celebrations

An accident took place in Amritsar when a train ran over people who were at Joda Phatak for Dussehra celebrations. Many people had gathered around and were also standing on railway tracks for a better view of the Ravan effigy.

Before the train that caused the accident, there was another train that passed by slowly causing no trouble at all. This train was headed to Howrah in West Bengal. 30 seconds later another train was headed from Jalandhar to Amritsar. This train moved at a faster speed, injuring several people and killing at least 60 of the spectators. 

It was not possible for the people to hear the train amidst the cracker's noise. Some did not realize at all, and some who did could not save themselves in time. 

Dalbir Singh who played Ravana in the Ramleela play died while trying to rescue others. As he was walking towards Joda Phatak, he saw a train speeding towards the area where everyone was gathered for the celebration, he ran towards them intending to warn about the situation, but before that, he was crushed under the train.His family is deeply saddened by the loss and have no words to say. He has been playing various characters in Ramleela for a decade now and was playing the part of Ravana for this Ramleela 

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