Shock to media and to the people who follow Taimur.
Shock to media and to the people who follow Taimur.
Saif Ali Khans and Kareena ’s decision made media and fans to upset. From now we cannot be able to watch more images of Taimur Ali Khan.

Timur Ali Khan Son of Saif Ali Khan he is just two years old, but he is a celebrity now. When he was born his name became viral news in social media. So many people are against to that name and asked to change that name, but Saif is not agreed to change his name. So many people earn money by clicking photos of Taimur. People are working in shift wise to take pictures of Taimur and earn money.

When you pass beside Saif’s house, you will find so many photos of Taimur, and you will find in the Airport and websites. But recently Saif and Kareena decided that from now there is no entry for photographers to Saif’s house. Taimur is getting addicted to all those photos and asking his dad to bring those photographers and want to take his pictures. So Saif and Kareen took that decision not to take photographs of Taimur. As Taimur is addicting to photos and recently Saif’s sister fired at photographers that too much of flash from a camera will affect her baby’s eyes. As this star kid are affected by this problems stars took this decision.

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