Some of the remarkable discoveries made by the retired Telescope
Some of the remarkable discoveries made by the retired Telescope
The recently retired nine-year-old Kepler Telescope has discovered over 2600 exoplanets out of the solar system and surveyed over 5,00,000 stars.

Kepler, in its 9-year journey, made a few extraordinary discoveries among the many others. Kepler-16b, though probably a giant gas without a proper solid surface has a double solar-system which brings the possibility of two sunsets on it. 

The famous Earth 2.0, was, what can be called an accidental discovery by Kepler. It found planets almost resembling that of our home planet where liquid water could pool on the surface. One of its discoveries named Kepler -62f, is roughly 40 percent bigger than the Earth and is possible, rocky. 

Kepler-10b, another rocky planet with high density that probably indicates that it might be made of rock and iron, has one year which is less than one Earth day. This "lava world" shows that there might be other rocky planets outside of our solar system.

Few other interesting discoveries include Tabby's Star that the astronomers called it an orbiting dust cloud, a dying star that was in the process of vaporizing a planet, and five planets in Kepler-444 that were born 11 billion years ago while our galaxy was still in its youth. 

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