What is planet 9 in our solar system? Is planet 9 a black hole?
What is planet 9 in our solar system? Is planet 9 a black hole?
Scientists formulate a technique to specify, once and for all, if any planet-mass black holes are hiding in the outer side of our solar system.

Planet Nine is a theoretical planet. Some astronomers assume there is a huge planet, far beyond the path of Neptune, circling the sun. After years of searching, scientists have not found this hypothetical planet, which they have called "Planet Nine."Perhaps Planet Nine is not a planet but rather a small black hole. And this black hole might be discernible from the theoretical radiation radiated from its perimeter. It is known as Hawking radiation. For years and years, astronomers have used varieties in planetary routes to indicate the presence of new planets. The information comes from the odd orbits of some minor things beyond Neptune that all appear to be impacted by a bulky, invisible sphere far beyond the planet Pluto. The previous year, scientists gave another explanation. The investigators announced that the so-called Planet Nine is not a planet at all. They propose that the solar system could be a residence to one of the galaxy’s initial black holes. 

Presently, Harvard scientists have suggested a path to specify once and for all, whether Planet Nine surely could be a black hole. The current technique would search the external solar system for information on telltale bursts that are radiated when a black hole consumes a comet or other far object.

Generally, black holes are very hard to discover. As their name indicates, zero, comprising light, can flee their gravitational grip once it gives too near. Instead, scientists must identify black holes by examining their effect on nearby matters, or by grabbing sharp outbursts of light that are radiated when an object locks into them.

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