Indian Government imposed 2 laws to fight coronavirus
After the outbreak in India, the government of India has taken some very important steps to control the virus

The Government has imposed two laws.

 The first one being The Epidemic Diseases Act 1897. The Government has taken this step to control the outbreak of the new CoronaVirus. 

This Act allows government officials to quarantine people with immunity over potential future legal cases due to stopping of suspected infected people and forcing them into quarantine.

This law also allows the government to punish anyone who doesn’t cooperate in the effort to control the spread of the virus.

The second law implemented was The Essential Commodities Act of 1955. After the spread of the virus in India, shopkeepers and retailers started selling hand sanitisers and Masks at inflated rates, for over 4 times the actual MRP.

 Some people also started hoarding masks for themselves and for selling them at a higher rate. These were clearly inconsiderate and unethical practices which would affect the people who needed these products the most, the medical workers. 

This law brands these items as ‘essential’ and anyone found hoarding these items or selling them for an inflated price will be punished.

These steps by the government are great as they make sure that there aren’t any malpractices going on in the coming tough and testing times for the country.

Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 क्या है ? Current Affairs 2020 #UPSC

Essential Commodities Act 1955 Current Affairs 2020 #UPSC


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