After Corona virus , Hantavirus is spreading fear everywhere
Man from china dies of a new virus, Hantavirus which is spreading fear among the mass.

After Corona virus a new virus known as the Hantavirus is scaring people all over the world.A person from Yunnan Province died while coming back from work to Shandong Province on a chartered bus. After he came out with a positive report of Hantavirus 32 other people in the bus were tested as well.

It is known that Hantavirus is not a new virus, this virus has been infecting people for decades.It has only found that hantavirus originates from rats and infects humans. Doctors have confirmed that this hantavirus does not spread from one person to another unlike corona virus. This morning, hantavirus became one of the top trends of twitter after the Chinese state media tweeted about one person in the country dying due to the Hantavirus. 


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