Boris Johnson Test Positive for Coronavirus
UK President Boris Johnson has been tested positive for Coronavirus.

President was tested after the recommendation of England Chief Medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty. Boris experienced mild symptoms of the virus on Thursday. Boris has self-isolated in the Downing Streets on the recommendation of the government and health officers. The thing to be noted is that a day before, Johnson has interacted with many officials and they also need to quarantine them. The test was carried in No. 10 by NHS staff. 

Coronavirus Cases have crossed the 11,000 marks in the UK. According to the data, 578 people have died in the UK and it's still counting. The UK is in the seventh position in terms of the condition due to Coronavirus. 

Earlier on Wednesday, Prince Charles was tested positive for Coronavirus. But now he is in good health and now self-isolating at his residence in Scotland. 


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