Dragonflies are a real threat to Mosquitoes. Dragonflies can eat hundreds of mosquitoes at a time. Their per day diet is around 100 Mosquitoes a day.

Summer Season is best known for Mosquitoes. Various breeds of mosquitoes get developed in the summer and rainy season and cause a threat to mankind by spreading various diseases like malaria, dengue and many other deadly viruses. 

Dragonflies are the real predators to these small insects that include Mosquitoes, flies. Many viruses that include West Nile Virus, Chikungunya Virus, Repel mosquitoes spread this harmful virus. 

To get Dragonflies in and hit mosquitoes out, plant in some favourable plants like black-eyed Susan, Joe Pye weed, arrowhead, wild celery, water horsetail, cattail. These plants help in the exit of mosquitoes and entry of Dragonflies. 


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