Mars may have enough oxygen to support life
Mars may have enough oxygen to support life
Oxygen underneath Mars' surface may be enough to support life.

There could be enough oxygen underneath the surface of Mars to support microbiological life. The kind of life that began and grew on Earth billions of years ago. 

Scientists and astronauts have conducted multiple researches on Mars, owing to the possibility of life-sustaining on the planet. This new study Nature Geo-science, gives more evidence, that it might have oxygen beneath its surface. The team was headed by Vlada Stamenković from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Some Locations hold a more considerable amount of oxygen, that amount which is enough to keep multi-cellular animal such as a sponge, alive. 

A theoretical physicist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, Vlada Stamenkovic said, "This fully revolutionizes our understanding of the potential for life on Mars, today and in the past."

"We never thought that oxygen could play a role for life on Mars due to its rarity in the atmosphere, about 0.14 percent," he further added. 

This furthers our knowledge about the planet and other possibilities of life, sustaining on it. 

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