Baby Born With Missing Brain Dies At The Age Of 10
Baby Born With Missing Brain Dies At The Age Of 10
A baby who was born with a part of her brain missing, called as ‘Baby Miracle’ died at the age of 10.

 A baby who was born with eyes closed and a part of the brain missing and several other disabilities dies at the age of 10 years. The baby who is called ‘Baby Miracle.’ Miracletina Julie Nanai was born in Samoa. When she was born doctors predicted that with that level of disabilities, the baby would not even survive a few hours and wanted to let her die. Mr. Nunai said that after four days of her birth she was still breathing. He whispered to her that he was leaving. The baby turned her head as he whispered in her ear. He said that he would never forget that moment. He smuggled two milk bottles from the hospital, and the baby emptied both the bottles, she was hungry. He shared the moments he shared with her and told that he misses her so much.

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