India has crossed Russia in terms of coronavirus patients. India has now reached the third spot in the list to be affected by this virus.

India on Monday crossed Russia to become third in the list with the worst affected country. India has a total of 720,346 cases out of which 440, 150 have recovered and 20,174 are dead. 

Russia, on the other hand, has 6,87,862 cases in total. Out of which 454,329 are recovered and 10,896 are dead. 

India states include Maharashtra, Delhi(UT), Rajasthan, Gujarat are most affected. 

USA and Brazil are ahead of India in terms of cases. The USA has 2,985,897 cases and Brazil has 1,604,585 cases. 

India's recovery rate is good and is above 55%, that's the only positive from this situation. India support staff have done a commendable job in this pandemic situation. 


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