French Tourist was caught stealing sand from Sardinian Beach, later on, he was caught and had to pay a penalty of Rs. 86000.

 Sardinian Beach attracts tourists from all over the World. The beach is well designed and is loved by most of the tourists. It is reported many times that the smuggling of sand from this beach is very common. Cases have been reported many times that people stole sand and clay from the beach and sell it to the buyers on a handy amount. 

Same news went onto viral news as one of the traveller theft 2 kg sand from the beach and was running carrying the pouch of the sand. But later on, was caught by the beach authorities and in return, he had to pay Rs. 86000 as a fine. Penalties also include 5-6 years of jail. 

This behaviour by the guest not only harm nature but also degrade the sovereignty of the beach and its surroundings. 


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