Season 2 Review of Kota Factory: Journey of IIT dreamers
Season 2 Review of Kota Factory: Journey of IIT dreamers
The second season of Kota factory 2 has been streaming on India's largest OTT platforms, Netflix. Again Jeetu Bhaiya is on fire by playing a great role. This web series is all about the toughest journey of IIT aspirants.

Season 1 of the kota factory was released on Youtube which could be watched by everyone. Viewers enjoyed its first season and after that there was high demand for its second season. It became very popular because it is an incredible series for aspirants who are preparing for JEE exams. It is obvious that if any interesting thing you watch for free then you will wait for its next season. But its second season is not available on youtube but you can watch it on Netflix. And the kota factory is back on the screen with the second season. 

The story of Season 1 is continued in season 2. The life of JEE aspirants, faculties, money, love, coachings have been the theme of the both seasons. 

The series is all about one of the IIT aspirants who has come to Kota for the preparation. The name of the boy is Vaibhav. As there are a number of coachings available in Kota and he joins one of them. The aspirants are facing the crucial time of their life in this series. Jeetu Bhaiya who is a mentor, is playing the leading role as a best mentor. 

In the second season, Jeetu Bhaiya opens his own coaching named Aimers. There he hires two faculties for maths and chemistry and he is already the god of Physics. 

The life we assume to live is not the real world. Let the children choose their path so that they can live a stress free life. Parents should also watch this web series so that they can feel the stress of their children and how they struggle. Kota is bustling with aspirants. 

So, the second season comes with the life of Jeetu Bhaiya who has opened their own coaching and does direct competition with the top IIT coaching of Kota, Maheshwari Classes. Jeetu Bhaiya is the best mentor whom every aspirant dreams of. 

You know what is the best thing about this? This is the dialogue they used in the series. The dialogues in both of the seasons of Kota Factory are inspirational that touch the heart of students directly. Today's aspirants have enough knowledge. The thing that makes him fall is lack of confidence. Teenage is the age where aspirants divert or distract the most. So they need to have a good mentor who can guide him to follow a good direction. So in this season Jeetu Bhaiya is like a torch and he is lighting the path of IIT dreamers. 

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